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Finmore Launches Operations in the United States

JACKSON, Wyo. (February 7, 2024) – Finmore, a pioneering fintech and social impact enterprise company, officially launched U.S. operations this week. The organization, headquartered in Jackson, Wyoming, launched with a message of transforming the financial wellbeing for everyday Americans.


“At Finmore, our journey has been driven with the purpose to build a fintech ecosystem designed to create generational changes,” stated Co-Founder Peter Rancie. “This launch is not just about introducing a suite of products and services—it’s about empowering individuals and helping them flourish financially.”


Finmore, a fusion of “financial” and “more,” embodies the company’s mission to provide comprehensive solutions that go beyond traditional financial services, providing a fintech suite that offers more financial literacy, more rewards from current spending, more financial momentum, and more opportunities for social impact.


“Our goal is to help our members experience improved financial wellbeing by providing them more than just a banking platform. We aim to offer a holistic approach to financial empowerment and opportunities for social impact,” Chief Sales Officer Jon McKillip said. “The Finmore ecosystem is designed to nurture positive change in the lives of our members and their communities.”


“While Finmore presents a robust fintech platform, including an impressive rewards program and an extensive e-commerce experience, it is much – We are a social impact enterprise,” concluded Rancie. “What defines who we are is the way we are helping others flourish in multiple areas of life.”


Key components of the Finmore ecosystem include:


AllCards Banking Platform: 

Finmore members can earn 1-to-1 rewards through Finmore’s AllCards program, which integrates most of the debit and credit cards already in the wallets of members. These rewards or credits, called FinCredits, can then be spent in the Finmore Store, enhancing members’ purchasing power with every transaction.


Finmore Store:

Exclusively available to Finmore members, the Finmore Store is being built to deliver a wide range of products, including everyday essentials, household items, vacation packages, aspirational goods, and more.


Flourish Social Impact Services: 

In addition to its fintech banking platform and proprietary e-commerce experience, Finmore provides members access to a carefully curated range of financial literacy training, soft skills training, health and wellness services, and business intelligence tools under the umbrella of Flourish Social Impact Services.


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